Camel Coated

I'm excited to share one of my staple pieces for this fall, the classic camel coat that every girl needs!

Colors of Autumn

Today I'm sharing one of my first looks of the fall season with you!

Nautical Vibes

Hello lovelies! I'm back with an outfit featuring one of my absolute favorite pieces. If you don't know, I kind of have an obsession for coats, and when it comes to double breasted coats, I'm in love!

Tropical Breeze

Hello lovelies! I recently had midterms and then a week full of family festivities since I had visitors in town so for once, I had some time to unwind. It was so great spending time with them after not seeing them for ten years almost! How has everyone been? I hope the start of spring is treating you all well.

I know you've probably seen this outfit on my Instagram, but I wanted to share this fun, laid back look with you in more detail. People always tell me that I'm "too dressed up" for school. I say there's no such thing, but I took a shot at dressing down for once, and from the feedback, I didn't do too good of a job because it was still too fancy.