8 Winter Staples For Every Girls Wardrobe

As the holiday season approaches, so does the wind, rain and snow so I wanted to give you all a few tips on making sure your closet is ready for the cold too! I've come up with 8 closet essentials that are timeless and definitely a staple for any closet. Not only will you be able to use it for the winter, they can easily be used for transition pieces into almost any season (except summer of course!).
Hope you enjoy!

Camel Coated

I'm excited to share one of my staple pieces for this fall, the classic camel coat that every girl needs!

Colors of Autumn

Today I'm sharing one of my first looks of the fall season with you!

Nautical Vibes

Hello lovelies! I'm back with an outfit featuring one of my absolute favorite pieces. If you don't know, I kind of have an obsession for coats, and when it comes to double breasted coats, I'm in love!

Tropical Breeze

Hello lovelies! I recently had midterms and then a week full of family festivities since I had visitors in town so for once, I had some time to unwind. It was so great spending time with them after not seeing them for ten years almost! How has everyone been? I hope the start of spring is treating you all well.

I know you've probably seen this outfit on my Instagram, but I wanted to share this fun, laid back look with you in more detail. People always tell me that I'm "too dressed up" for school. I say there's no such thing, but I took a shot at dressing down for once, and from the feedback, I didn't do too good of a job because it was still too fancy.


Happy Sunday Bloggers! This week has been super hectic, but on the bright side only one more more week until spring break starts for me! Do you all have any special plans?

Purple and Pastels

Today's post it all about my favorite spring time piece, skirts! Vegas weather is always good to me when I wear skirts...not! It just so happens to be windy everytime I wear one, just my luck. Who else is with me on this one? Anyways, I picked up this gorgeous purple skirt from Forever 21 last weekend and couldn't wait to wear it out.

Be Bold

Today, I styled a few simple pieces for a laid back yet chic look. I'm usually all about details and intricate designs but why not try something simple for once right? I decided to go for a classic pallette of hot pink, black and white, and who doesn't love some hints of gold! I love the fact that one simple piece can make you feel so bold and noticed, and if you know, I LOVE bright colors!

These pumps are the perfect touch to an outfit like this because they really stand out and glam up the look. What do you all think? I paired it with this matching textured bag because what's an outfit without a bag to match.

I hope you all enjoyed this look!
Stay tuned for more looks. Thank you for visiting!

Heels-Sheikh Shoes

A Little Spring In My Step

Finally warmer weather is approaching! The only thing I'm afraid of is the Vegas valley skipping over spring and going to summer instantly, but hey I'll take what I can get. I love mixing colors from the same hue so I decided to pair this lovely navy blue dress with some turquoise blue accessories, and I have to say they both compliment each other so well! I adore this cutout lattice on the dress because it adds that extra detail that really makes the outfit. If you haven't noticed, I wear a lot of cobalt, so a different shade of blue took a bit of an effort from me since I love it so much. Anyways, I finally decided to take these heels out for a spin since I've had them since summer of last year. I love the subtle snake print thats embossed all over the heel, its so cute, and if you know me, you know I love literally ANYTHING embossed.

 Thank you for all your support.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Dress-Forever 21
Necklace-Local Boutique


Who's ready for spring? I sure am! Vegas usually doesn't get much of a winter, but when we do it's usually full on and brutal. I'm definitely excited for the warmer weather, but not ready to part with my winter wardrobe just yet! I decided to finally wear this lovely cape that I've been dying to wear all winter. I went for a more dressed up look with it by pairing it with a thick knit sweater and cheetah body con skirt to liven it up a bit. If there's one thing I love about this bright yellow sweater, it's that its so nicely made, but even better its sleeveless so I can wear throughout spring and maybe even summer. Then again, once it hits the 100 degree mark, all my sweaters will be left behind. Hows the weather in your city? Have a lovely day everyone, and thanks for reading.<3

Skirt-Cotton On

Gloomy Weather

Gloomy weather calls for some fur and a pop of color! I love mixing textures, and what better way to do so than fur and embossed crocodile detail? I decided to go shopping the other day to completely redo some of the rooms in the house and it was a success. I always find changing the setting of a room really refreshing. Since I wanted a more comfortable look, I wore this really warm fur vest and paired it with a white sweater and gold accessories. To complete the look I chose my favorite boots of all, these gorgeous Isabel Marant wedges! If you haven't noticed, I usually can't go a day without a pop of color in my outfit so I took this DN maroon tote. What do you all think?
 Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, catch you next time! 

Mixing Metals

Two blog posts in one day? You're probably thinking I'm crazy, but I'm just super excited to share this outfit with you! As you can tell, I've really been loving anything cobalt blue lately. I got this gorgeous sweater on sale at Zara, and I remember obsessing over it for a while and not getting it at first. Got lucky though! Also, I took my new gun metal chained clutch out for a spin too, which was part of my load of anniversary presents, I'm still in awe, and you'll see why soon enough ;)
It was a bit breezy today so I decided to do a simpler outfit with darker tones to fit the gloomy weather. I really think the hat brought everything together and gave it that 'chic' look, but what definitely didn't was the big rip all the way around my tights. I'm a bit clumsy so I'm not sure how I managed that, but I guess it could add an 'edgy' touch? Heh, luckily girls can use most excuses and get away with them.

On another note, I'm planning on doing a giveaway very soon! Hopefully this weekend, can't wait to share it with you so stay tuned loves.

Welcome To Narnia!

It's not everyday that we get to see snow in the Las Vegas Valley so instead of having the snow come to us, we took a short drive up to Lee's Canyon/Mount Charleston! It was so exciting and peaceful at the same time. We basically had most of the place to ourselves since it wasn't the weekend yet which was a bonus. I didn't want to wear anything too fancy since I knew we'd be slipping and falling on the icy sheets of snow and getting into snowball fights is basically inevitable. I decided to wear this super warm turtle neck with a cable knit design on it accompanied with leggings,knee high socks to match my sweater and simple leather boots. To top it all off and complete the look for a day in the cold, I added this amazing fur Shapka or in simpler terms a fur cossack. I absolutely love it and it reminds me of all the movies that show Russians wearing this, especially Angelina Jolie in one of my favorite movies, S.A.L.T. Have any of you ever seen it? It's a must watch!
I know you're probably thinking why I shared such a simple outfit with you, but it's more of an "I got to play with snow" post than an outfit post so I hope you all don't mind.

Thank you all for stopping by and supporting me, I've already reached 20 followers and to me, that's pretty exciting. Love you!

Feminine Edge

Hey guys! Hope everyone's doing great now that school is back in session. I'm already stressed out like crazy even if its only the second week!! I guess that's what I get for overloading myself with science classes, oops. Here's to a great semester! ;)
Anyways, this week I decided to mix it up and do something a little different. You’re all probably used to my girly and chic outfits so I thought combining that with some edge would be fun. I paired this amazing ruffled skirt from Zara with a ribbed biker jacket which added a twist to the otherwise girly look. But of course my favorite piece of all are these studded pumps! I feel like I could wear them forever. They’re so comfortable to walk in and certainly an eye catcher, what else could a girl ask for in a shoe? 
Enjoy the weekend, loves! 

Skirt-Zara (Now on sale!)
Bag-Danielle Nicole
Top-Local Boutique

On The Rocks

Hi Everyone and Welcome to The Lotus Closet! I'm really excited to share my outfits with you as well as the latest trends, my favorite pieces and much more that's soon to come on the blog. I hope you all enjoy your stay!

I've really been into blue hues lately, but mostly cobalt as you may have seen on my Instagram. It's a great color for every season, but it's been seen more and more this past Winter. I love that it's so bright and loud, but doesn't beg for attention. Rather than the usual black and white, I decided to go for a new type of monochrome look with cobalt and white. Of course, you can never go wrong with gold accessories!
After our second day back to school, we decided to head to Red Rock Canyon for some relaxation to escape the city life and stress. I love the outdoors, and a quick 30-minute drive from the Vegas Valley is so worth it. Not only is Red Rock a great location for a photo op, but it has the most gorgeous views and hiking trails. It was hilarious seeing people give me weird looks dressed in this outfit in the canyon. But of course, this isn't what I hiked in, walking on uneven surfaces in heels is definitely a challenge.
Hope you enjoyed my first look, and decide to stay tuned for more!

Skort-Zara (Now on sale!)