Tropical Breeze

Hello lovelies! I recently had midterms and then a week full of family festivities since I had visitors in town so for once, I had some time to unwind. It was so great spending time with them after not seeing them for ten years almost! How has everyone been? I hope the start of spring is treating you all well.

I know you've probably seen this outfit on my Instagram, but I wanted to share this fun, laid back look with you in more detail. People always tell me that I'm "too dressed up" for school. I say there's no such thing, but I took a shot at dressing down for once, and from the feedback, I didn't do too good of a job because it was still too fancy.


Happy Sunday Bloggers! This week has been super hectic, but on the bright side only one more more week until spring break starts for me! Do you all have any special plans?

Purple and Pastels

Today's post it all about my favorite spring time piece, skirts! Vegas weather is always good to me when I wear skirts...not! It just so happens to be windy everytime I wear one, just my luck. Who else is with me on this one? Anyways, I picked up this gorgeous purple skirt from Forever 21 last weekend and couldn't wait to wear it out.

Be Bold

Today, I styled a few simple pieces for a laid back yet chic look. I'm usually all about details and intricate designs but why not try something simple for once right? I decided to go for a classic pallette of hot pink, black and white, and who doesn't love some hints of gold! I love the fact that one simple piece can make you feel so bold and noticed, and if you know, I LOVE bright colors!

These pumps are the perfect touch to an outfit like this because they really stand out and glam up the look. What do you all think? I paired it with this matching textured bag because what's an outfit without a bag to match.

I hope you all enjoyed this look!
Stay tuned for more looks. Thank you for visiting!

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