Alexandre Birman Suede Fringe Booties- Grey and Black
I had been eyeing these beauties ever since I saw them on Shopbop and it was only a matter of time before I gave in to buying them. For some reason, I can never say no to black heels of any shape or style. I'm sure you ladies will agree, black is effortless and so versatile! After enough internal debate I chose to go ahead and purchase them.

The only element holding me back in the first place was the fringe. Yes, its gorgeous but at the same time will it be trending forever? Regardless I thought it was subtle enough to be pulled off for seasons to come. I love the netlike design on the sides of the boot which give it a different look. I've personally never seen another boot like it and with all the shopping I do, thats saying something.

I would say these are very comfortable for the height. Of course designer heels rarely come equipped with any cushion for comfort so I prefer popping a foot petal to keep the ball of my foot a little more cushioned. What do you all think of this new splurge? Let me know how you feel in the comments!

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