Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is well and making it through the first of midterms alright. Today I wanted to share five of my favorite tips for handling stress and relaxing during exam season. Enjoy!

1. Always keep a checklist of things to do or study. I always feel accomplished when checking them off. 
2. Have some quality "me" time; it can actually help you learn better. Netflix binge if you have to! 
3. Treat yourself to a healthy snack. My favorite go to is always fresh berries and cream. 
4. Take a quick walk around the block. It'll give you that extra boost of energy you need to finish that last chapter that needs studying. 
5. Jam out to some music or watch a funny Youtube video. Remember, never take yourself too seriously!

If you have any tips or tricks, share them below! Best of luck to my fellow colleagues tackling their exams this week.

And I swear my pants are white but for some reason no matter the camera we used, it kept showing up blue? Hilarious!


  1. I really need to follow these tips! Thank you!

    Love Always.

  2. This look is simple yet chic. That chunky oversized knit is delicious. Not to mention paired with the winter white super distressed boyfriend jean, it's perfect.


  3. You are always looking so chic, love the ripped white jeans! Great tips to distress, I definitely enjoy some nice fresh air outside.

    Love, Karina
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