Coat-Forever 21

I tend to shy away from wearing neutrals because I love adding color to all of my outfits, but lately I've been trying to style more neutrals. A fun way to add just a hint of color while still being in the neutral palette is olive! This season was big for anything olive colored because it was very versatile. It could be styled as a military inspired piece or for more of a chic look. For this occasion, I focused on the heels which I picked up at Zara and they matched very nicely with my highwaisted pants from Zara as well. The rest was pretty easy to put together considering camel and cream keep the colors on the warmer side, and walah, the finished look. If you're wondering why I chose the same color for my pants and heels, it's because it helps the outfit flow and draws attention to your legs and it works with any color just the same.

Style Tip: Olive is a great color all year round. It pairs easily with warm, cool and neutral colors making it easy to incorporate with any outfit. Try it and let me know what you come up with!


  1. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits from you!! I absolutely love the autumn vibes of your color palette. I still need a pair of olive green pants!! You styled yours perfectly :)


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    1. Thank you Christina! I've had a hard time with neutrals, but I have to say, you've definitely helped me along the way, seriously!

  2. This outfit is amazing! You look so chic with a high bun and the colors from this outfit is giving me life, ahaha. I need to get me some of that high-waisted pants in that lovely olive color.

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  3. The color palette of this outfit is so on point! I've always liked olive green! You look gorg.

    Love, Karina
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  4. I rarely wear all neutral outfits as well, and I'm loving your look! Perfect balance of colour and neutral tones :)
    Those heels are GORGEOUS.

    X, Carina
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  5. Love the choice in colour palette and pieces, as well as your dainty shoes. x