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There's two ways to go when it comes to summer shoes: neutral or vibrant! I have plenty of color in my closet, but one thing I always seemed to lack was neutral shoes I could always run to. So, with that empty feeling in my closet, I embarked on a shopping trip for new neutral heels.

We usually tend to wear a lot of pretty pastel colors or even brighter, vibrant colors once the warmer months come around. If you ask me, I like my main focus to be the piece I'm wearing and not loud and obnoxious shoes. Therefore any type of neutral shoe can do the trick of being cute, but not distracting.

A few shopping tips to get your spring shoe collection started:
                -Make a mental note of what you already have and what you're missing.
                -Start with simple designs before going for intricately designed or patterned shoes.
                -Look for colors that compliment your skintone, especially when shopping for a nude
                 pump. If the shade is chosen precisely, it can make your legs run for miles! Every girls
                 dream, right?

I hope these tips help you ladies on the quest for the perfect shoe! What's your favorite summer piece?


  1. Drooling over this shoes, the fringe ones are my favorites

  2. I'm so in love with your collection of shoes!

    xx, Diane ||

  3. I love the fringe ones, they are so fab!

    Love, Karina
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