Vest-Missguided | Heels-Zara | Jeans-Nordstrom | Top-Akira | Bracelet-Peach Box
If you haven't noticed by now suede has taken over the industry. Anything you can think of comes in the smooth suede texture and I'm not the type to complain. Though it's a season-less trend as of now, I think it works best for the colder months coming up! It adds that extra flare to every outfit with minimal effort.

Since suede is a noticeable yet very subtle texture, I love pairing it with a more noticeable textures like distressed denim. They compliment each other considering one is so polished while the other is loud and obnoxious. Another one of my go-to pairings this season would have to be leather and suede, it's the ultimate combination! Simply put, it blends well with anything, but keeps the look interesting and looking semi-sophisticated. How do you all feel about suede?!

Last but not least, many of you have been asking about my arm candy and my current go to is from The Peach Box! I even have a special coupon code to get you 15% off your order, they have amazing and unique pieces, I'd be surprised if you didn't find at least a few things to add to your closet! Be sure to use 'tpb-preetigrey' at checkout!

Style Tip-Suede tends to bridge the gap between casual and sophisticated so try throwing a suede jacket over your dress for a night out, maybe even take your suede clutch out for a spin!


  1. Love your pants, Preeti! The destroyed denim is the perfect piece to make your outfit more casual.

    xx, Diane ||