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Rule of Three: This service will follow the "Rule of Three". We will choose one piece of clothing from your current wardrobe and style it in three different ways that will suit you.

A Weekend Out: This service is for those that are looking to be styled with two new outfits for any event, whether it be casual or a night out! We can use what you already have or go shopping for new items!

A Week's Worth: This service is for those looking to gain five new ensembles in their wardrobe. Its for those that want to be stylish for a week at work or a week of fun!

Closet Haul: This service is a complete overhaul of your closet. Together, we will sift through your closet and find the pieces that fit your style. Then we will take a shopping trip, whether it be in store or online, and find new pieces that fit with what you already have.

*Each service comes with an interview to get to know who you are and what kind of style. This will allow me to evaluate what type of style will fit who you are and what fits your body type. Each service will also include style tips and an E-book ($7.00 value) for free.

**If you have any questions about any of my styling services please feel free to email me at:

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